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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Peluang Kerja dari Rumah dengan menjadi Virtual Worker

Hasil jalan-jalan minggu ini memberikan sedikit masukan tambahan ilmu dari sekedar membaca buku ketika menemani anakku jalan-jalan. Salah satu pojok di toko buku yang pasti saya kunjungi adalah bagaimana mencari uang dari dunia maya. Baik itu google dengan adsense nya dan lain lain. Di salah satu buku saya menemukan yang namanya virtual worker. Di naungi oleh badan semacam jasa perantara untuk menemukan kepercayaan dari para pihak. Klik banner di samping ini jika minat untuk gabung FOR WORKER. Click below to join v worker FOR WORKER.

Jika anda perusahaan dapat menghemat biaya klik di samping FOR EMPLOYER, if you are an enterprise trying to save money from doing your work virtually, join and click FOR EMPLOYER

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

About Us

Brilliant Idea from Indonesia Segala Group!!

Kami telah menemukan sebuah perusahaan virtual untuk para pekerja virtual. Klik banner di KANAN FOR WORKER jika anda berminat bekerja dari rumah. Memberikan dan menggunakan keahlian anda kepada banyak perusahaan yang minat mendapatkan jasa anda. Lebih murah dari memperkerjakan karyawan dengan cara konvensional

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Now, things is getting hard, financially people start looking for earning more income for their family. We just have one idea from the net about working as a freelancer. But to get the job from one of the freelancer website with dollar income is mostly only dream especially for new comers and with limited knowledge like me.

Reading and having the newsletter about freelance work on the site, I started to believe that we can start here in our own countries. So, We started thinking to create a Freelancer Community here in Jakarta.

How will this work?

Many companies started to start saving money, postpone recruitments that can be outsourced with cheaper cost.

For example, One of our member know a company using my sister's service to do bookkeeping on Saturday. She works once a week and getting Rp 2,000,000 per month. Same cost with normal permanent staff from salary wise, but from regulation this company can save:
- No Social Security obligation
- No pension scheme to prepare
- No Medical Insurance to pay
- No THR or festive allowance to pay
- Or other obligation as per law when hiring permanent staff

Given the facts that the company is not big enough to pay more cost and can save their employee at the same time from being lay off of the financial crisis. This idea seems works better for them.
The idea of this community as simple as How Cellular Operator outsourced their BTS, or PT Telkom outsource their Customer service. This Community is to provide many professional people who wants to use their spare time at night or weekend to earn money for themselves or for their families.

Why this will work?
These few days, my friend asking me favors of my time to get advice about Tax. I have the experiences and the knowledge to give her my opinion. She promised me to pay fee for my time. Instead of going to tax consultant with expensive professional fee, she look forward to my opinion based on my field experiences. I dont spent much time, I didnot spend money for travel or other cost, she will transfer me certain amount of money.

Why dont make this formal in a community? thats what comes to my mind. So this opinion might be my first income generation from my free time. Since this is from a friend, so not really know how much will she transfer to my bank account, friends' special fee. :)

The member of the community will be the employee, the salesperson and also the marketing to campaign ourselves, just as simple as that.

When a company that needs a service is in Bekasi, we will send member of the community that close to the area, since the fee from this work might not big as only ontime work.

So, if members get a job, they have to report to the community to share with the other members with certain agreement of sharing with the other members - who gets the job but not efficient enough to execute themselves due to location or due to not their expertise-

What do you waiting for, lets join the community by sending your detail and motivation joining the community to our group email and we will publish the work for the member on

We will create the groups community soon for members' communication and need some assistance from people who want to do this with us. Send us email now..!

Weekend Freelance Work

Are you a professional worker? Working Mon - Fri ? Want to spend your available time on Weekend to get additional income as freelancer?
Apakah anda seorang karyawan professional? Yang bekerja dari Senin - Jumat? Ingin mempergunakan waktu luang akhir minggu untuk memperoleh penghasilan tambahan sebagai freelancer?
Lets gather here on this community!
Mari bergabung di komunitas ini!
We will provide you freelance work on your weekend or spare time for the following (depend on request):
Kami akan menyediakan pekerjaan lepas waktu untuk akhir minggu atau waktu luang anda yang kurang lebih sebagai berikut:
  • Part time teacher for Bimbingan Belajar, or Learn Alquran.
  • Guru paruh waktu untuk Bimbingan Belajar atau Belajar Alquran atau guru private
  • Graphic Designer from home for marketing flyers.
  • Design Graphis dari rumah untuk selebaran marketing
  • Accounting Service for small company or small business to assist small businesses understand their business profitability.
  • Service Akuntansi untuk perusahaan kecil atau bisnis kecil, membantu mengerti tentang kesehatan usaha mereka
  • Short Tax course for many new tax payers with NPWP.
  • Kursus singkat perpajakan untuk banyak wajib pajak baru yang ber-NPWP
  • Etc / Dan Lain lain

Join us here, submit your name, whats your expertise, how long have you been doing your expertise, where do you work currently, your address

Bergabung disini bersama kami, kirim nama, keahlian, berapa lama menggeluti bidang tersebut, dimana saat ini anda bekerja, alamat.

We will launch soon our vision and mission and how this will benefit us to generate additional income.

Kami akan segera meluncurkan visi dan misi kami dan bagaimana komunitas ini akan menguntungkan untuk kita memperoleh penghasilan tambahan.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Taking Survey

Do you know that taking survey can generate cash? Start register and look the below survey link for futher detail.

Apakah kamu tahu bahwa mengikuti survey dapat memperoleh uang? Mulailah register dan coba kunjungi link dibawah ini untuk lebih detail

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Saya memulai ini dua hari lalu dan sudah memperoleh USD 27 dalam dua hari. SERIUS!!, MULAI SEKARANG!

Email Address - to generate USD!

Do you know that collecting email address can benefit you? Can give you CASH in USD?

Tahukan kamu bahwa mengumpulkan alamat email dapat menguntungkan? Bisa mendatangkan DOLLAR?

Start collecting your email address with full names, put on excel spreadsheets. Split them between email address Yahoo, Google -gmail, hotmails in the spreadsheets.

Mulailah mengumpulan alamat email beserta nama lengkap jika memungkinkan, buat dalam bentuk spreadsheet di Microsoft Excel. Pisahkan alamat email Yahoo, Gmail, hotmail atau alamat email lainnya.

Some companies will come and ask for these addresses and We can be your partner for this. Again, you need to put some TRUST in me, and We will surely buy the addresses from you.

Beberapa perusahaan akan datang dan memerlukan alamat email ini dan Kami bisa menjadi rekanan Kamu. Tapi, Kamu harus memiliki rasa PERCAYA terhadap kami dan kami akan tentu saja membeli alamat email tersebut dari Kamu